Larchmont Historical Murals

Revealing the forgotten history of a “Pioneer Village”

Experience an incredible journey through art and history!

Enjoy a 30 minute self-guided Art Walk that will dive people of all ages, in the rich and inspiring history of the village, through beautiful murals made by prominent artists: Btoy, Iljin, Jo Di Bona, Kinmx, Vitor Ash and Loic Ercolessi.

Each mural pays a tribute to some of the families and individuals that established the village. Well known residents include the Palmers, pioneer farmers; the Motts, feminists, abolitionists ahead of their time and founders of the largest flour-milling industry of its time; Peter Munro, Nephew of John Jay and founder of the Manor House, Edward Knight Collins, naval architect and shipping tycoon, and the artists and actors who lived or visited Larchmont.

For these first “Westchester Historical Murals”, Street Art for Mankind had the pleasure to partner with the Larchmont Historical Society and the Village of Larchmont Art Council.

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To get the full experience and enjoy a free self-guided art walk, download the Street Art for Mankind app “Behind the Wall” that gives you the ability to hear children of the community and artists talking to you about the stories behind each mural and the creative process of each artist.

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To discover the story behind each mural,
download the app "Behind the wall"


with the app, get the map, insights on the murals and an audio guide to go from mural to mural.

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