#ilo100 Murals NYC

An art-diplomacy experience

Experience one of the most inspiring self-guided Art Walk ever created!

Enjoy a 30 minute Art Walk in Midtown NYC, designed for all ages, with spectacular social justice murals made by prominent street artists like Clandestinos, Faith 47, Jorge Gerada, Mr Cenz and Victor Ash.

These murals, located between East 42nd and East 48th street, were produced by Street Art for Mankind to celebrate the centennial of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the oldest United Nations agency. They depict the social justice and fair employment challenges we are facing in terms of green jobs, gender equality at work, eradication of child and forced labor, youth employment, and future of work.

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The murals are amongst the biggest ever created in Manhattan. To get the full experience and enjoy a free self-guided art walk, download the Street Art for Mankind app “Behind the Wall” that gives you the ability to hear diplomats and artists talking to you about the challenges we are facing and the creative process behind the walls.

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To discover the story behind each mural,
download the app "Behind the wall"


with the app, get the map, insights on the murals and an audio guide to go from mural to mural.

ilo100Murals Partners and Sponsors

ILO100Murals were produced in partnership with the ILO

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